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From time to time we upload here video that would help pastry chefs to prepare unique flavours and products for their section.

Come back soon for next video.


Convenient distribution locations in South-West London with its benefits of access both to M25 and M4 Motorways allows us to serve Greater London with ease. Our network of FREE delivery distribution consists of several locations, so we are never far from your Hotel, Restaurant, Bakery, Patisserie or Ice Cream Parlor.

The Team

Our team operates from County of Surrey, South-West London. We are working with Customers in UK, Scotland and Ireland to offer best quality to Customers in Patisserie, Bakery and Ice Cream locations. Our products speak for the quality that professionals in this locations are eager to offer. Hotels, restaurants, family owned ice cream parlors, cafes, bakeries and retail high street stores are all sharing common approach- produce quality products and Customers will return.
Having this in mind- we can offer FREE advise on financial benefits that our products can bring to your Company with introduction of highest quality.
We know how costly set-up of new ice cream or bakery section can be- so we are here to offer solutions that you can rely upon. For the start- calculating cost of ice cream station without need of pasteurization- the cost of pasteurizer is in thousands- why not use your money better to give you more financial freedom? Thanks to UHT liquid bases- you now can use. Please ask for FREE quotation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Established to help professionals achieve great and consistent results with offered Ice Cream and Bakery products.
Minimum training and maximum quality is the approach taken few years back that enables us to work currently with hundreds of skilled professionals that share our passion for industry.
We helped many business-owners achieve the profitability they desired when establishing own business.
Our innovative products that save time, cost and resources are the benefit of pursue for excellence.
From UHT Gelato bases to Bakery mixes- a one stop for success we are ready to share with you.


Marfoods UK Ltd. is UK, Surrey based company that offers to professionals in Ice Cream, Patisserie and Bakery sector semi-finished products for professional use. Every product offered is sourced from trusted suppliers and is of the highest quality.
At Marfoods we believe in quality and consistent great results for professionals working in Food industry. Our area of expert research includes Ice Cream, Patisserie and Bakery sectors.
We offer hassle-free solutions for professionals that improve quality of offered products to customers and save cost of time and resources.

We will only offer products from producers that invest in development and quality, giving back to communities where they operate. Before offering products on our website, we would work hand in hand with professionals in the industry to establish clear benefit in using such products and to be able to verify quality.
Please take time to view categories and choose products that will enhance the quality selection you offer. In the end- we are focusing on quality as much as you do to offer only the best for the customers. That makes our ethos worthwhile and we will support you every step along the way.