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Gelato Products

Gelat'e 2.0 is born from the experience of the Italian ice cream makers and Master Martini's research: a line of liquid UHT specific bases for the preparation of artisan ice creams that allows to produce, quickly and easily, tasty and high quality ice cream.
It's a mixture of ingredients already balanced, free from preservatives and high pressure homogenized, ready to be transformed into ice cream: simply pour it into the batch freezer!
The process of high pressure homogenization increases the stability of the mixture, keeping ice creams creamy and spreadable.

Reach in taste
Especially palatable
Especially creamy
Extremely easy to spread

Thermal shock resistant
Long duration in ice cream display freezer
Great volume yeld


What Is Gelato Italiano And Why Is It Better Than Normal Ice Cream?

In every meal, there is always room for dessert. With a wide variety of dessert selections, ice cream is usually the staple choice by individuals aside from cakes. It is one of the most enjoyed desserts that people especially children eat after a finishing a certain meal. This kind of dessert comes in different distinctive flavours that any person would enjoy. Another flavourful dessert that is even better than ice cream is gelato. For those who do not know what Gelato Italiano is, it is considered to be a healthier option than the normal ice cream. This is the kind of ice cream that health conscious individuals are buying as it contains less fat than the regular ice cream.

There are a lot of reasons why gelato is better than the regular choice of ice cream. In order to understand this, one has to know the process that involves in making gelato and the ingredients that are used in making it. You might think that making ice cream is a complicated process especially if you do not have any experience. However, for those who have tried, you would find that getting the right ingredients is crucial. There are different ingredients that are readily available in the market but choosing the best ones is the tricky part.

What exactly is Gelato Italiano?

Gelato Italiano consists of minimal fat. It is an Italian style ice cream base. The name comes from the latin word "Gelatus" which means frozen. It is normally made of cream, milk, nut purees, fresh fruit flavours, and various sugars. It is said to contain a reasonably small amount of air and at least 3.5 percent of butterfat. It is the traditional homemade ice cream in Italy that has a balanced water content that prevents the ice cream from freezing solid. It is not as sweet as the regular ice cream in the market as one of the sugars that used to create this kind of ice cream is inverted sugar apart from the other sugars such as dextrose and sucrose. The inverted sugar controls the sweetness of the gelato.

Like the other ice creams, it also needs a base that helps stabilize the product. Some of the ingredients that help in stabilizing gelato are zabaione, crème caramel, egg yolks, and non-fat milk solids. There are also other ingredients, such as gums and corn starch, that helps stabilize the mix. Compared to the regular ice creams, gelato does not require actual freezing. This gives it more flavour when it reaches the palates of your tongue. In addition, with the minimal fat that it contains, this is best maintained in a temperature of 30 degrees Fahrenheit or above freezing temperatures as well. Gelato Italiano makers use compact machines that help maintain the ice cream at this temperature.

With the raw ingredients that gelato makers use, this makes the ice cream a superior choice. There are various advantages that come with eating this kind of ice cream. Many might not notice but it is not as cold as regular ice cream. This is great for those individuals who have sensitive teeth. It also has a higher quality because of how it is created. As aforementioned, the normal ice cream is created by whipping the entire mixture which makes the product less tasty. This is what differentiates American made ice creams from gelato.

Why is it a healthier dessert compared to the normal ice cream?

Compared to the normal ice cream that most of us are used to eating, Gelato Italiano is healthier option because of the ingredients that are used in making it. As aforementioned, the makers use fresh fruits and nut purees for the ice cream's flavouring. It has less fat compared to regular ice cream. Compared to normal ice creams, the makers use less egg yolks and more milk than cream. In addition, since it contains a reasonably small amount of air. Because of this, it keeps it dense as it does not churn faster and harder which makes gelato fluffier.

This makes gelato the staple choice for pastry chefs who are health conscious. There are a lot of recipes that are available in the market but the important thing to consider is the ingredients that are being used in creating the ice cream. There are UHT specific bases that are used for preparing artisan gelato in a quick and easy manner that is not only tasty but is of high quality as well. One of which is Gelat'e 2.0. It is a mixture of balanced ingredients that do not contain preservatives that is already prepared to be transformed into ice cream. It has undergone a high pressure homogenization which increases the firmness of the mixture which makes it spreadable and keeps it creamy. You can simply pour the contents into the freezer.

To conclude, gelato is an Italian style ice cream that is free from preservatives. It is one of the premium desserts that are served after a delicious meal. With the process of how it is made, it makes it a better choice compared to the regular ice cream because it contains less fat. The normal ice cream coats the tongue with triglycerides, fatty acids, and trans fat that, ultimately, blocks the flavour from reaching your taste buds. Whereas, the gelato ice cream's flavour is better appreciated because of the natural ingredients that it has. In addition, it is creamier, more flavourful, and it is easy to spread.