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The Team

Our team operates from County of Surrey, South-West London. We are working with Customers in UK, Scotland and Ireland to offer best quality to Customers in Patisserie, Bakery and Ice Cream locations. Our products speak for the quality that professionals in this locations are eager to offer. Hotels, restaurants, family owned ice cream parlors, cafes, bakeries and retail high street stores are all sharing common approach- produce quality products and Customers will return.
Having this in mind- we can offer FREE advise on financial benefits that our products can bring to your Company with introduction of highest quality.
We know how costly set-up of new ice cream or bakery section can be- so we are here to offer solutions that you can rely upon. For the start- calculating cost of ice cream station without need of pasteurization- the cost of pasteurizer is in thousands- why not use your money better to give you more financial freedom? Thanks to UHT liquid bases- you now can use. Please ask for FREE quotation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.