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Thursday, 21 May 2015 13:32

Great Master Martini products boosting sales now for Small Business Owners

We are proud to announce that Master Martini gelato products are available now to independent small business owners that focus on quality and reliability. Gelate 2.0 marks its next step in the industry and

is now present in many popular premium establishments of London, Birmingham, Dorset and Edinburgh. Master Martini products in UK are distributed by Marfoods UK based in Surrey. If you are planning your ice cream production, looking for advice and organizing your deliveries having your costs in mind- please contact Marfoods, distributor of Master Martini products in UK for comprehensive package that is tailored to your requirement.
Master Martini Ariba Chocolate is also making its mark in London Market- please look-up in this place for special offers regarding this and Master Martini professional use products for you and your professional team as well.