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Joe Bloggs, London

"Great Ice Cream bases and flavor pastes. I operate my own ice cream shops and find this products easy to use with minimum hassle of great gelato preparation. Thank you for introducing this products to me-I can honestly say these are about the only products that save my money, great deal!!"

Andrew Doe, Shrewsbury

I never thought that i can actually be Gelato Master in my own Company. No need for Gelato Master in fact- this is great! I can make small quantity and unique flavors as often as I want without waste. Highly recommended.

Mr Singh, Manchester

Every time I wanted to make ice cream- i needed to pasteurize mix and this was timely. also costly with water and electricity. This is now gone and savings are turned into profits. The UHT bases are great and easy to use. The training provided by Marfoods was great and now instead of searching for right people to produce great ice cream- i focus on Customers. This is the best choice I made in my cafe I made so far, thank you!

Mrs Jones - Birmingham

We operate Hotel and have our own Bakery and Ice Cream section. At first we only used bakery products, but ease of preparation and great quality convinced me to sell my pasteurizing machine and this money contributed to expanding the offer and introducing ice cream cakes in the menu.
This is really easy- I definitely recommend.